Wednesday, June 11, 2014


 This year in art, I've progressed exponentially as an artist and a student. Coming into Haddon Township this year from Paul VI was an enormous culture shock for me as I had been previously exposed to a big school. When I met with Mr. Ottinger in the guidance office on my first day and he asked what elective I wanted to take, the first word out of my mouth was art. I've always loved art and admired the works that inspired artists came up with. But, the first day I walked into art with Ms. Kiick I'll admit I was a little bit intimidated with the different art projects going on. The first thing I worked on was my own personal Art x1. Looking back now, I am particularly proud of that piece because of all I had going on at the time with adjusting to HT. At first I had no confidence in producing a piece half as good as those of my classmates. Ms. Kiick saw the potential in my artistic abilities and brought out the best in me. Ever since that first piece I created, my confidence has grown and grown even when I got paint all over me during ceramics. At this moment, I feel as though I can doing anything art; maybe even get my art hung up next to 'The Mona Lisa'. I look to continue my art career next year and beyond.

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