Monday, March 17, 2014

Clay Totem Pole

  As the veterinarian stated right after my brother with fur was put to eternal rest, "Koda was a once in a life time dog." Whenever I'm having a bad day, I just think to myself those nine words and a smile is produced. Everyone who got to meet Koda instantly was touched by his loving and caring personality. There was just a vibe about him that always attracted people towards him wherever he went. What will always stick in my head are Koda's great big brown eyes and his goofy clumsiness.

 The first day we had Koda he was a wild beast that went around reeking havoc. From running across the street towards strangers to jumping up on the counter, Koda filled our lives with hectic memories. In his mid life age, he settled in and started to become the loving and caring dog I remember. What really changed him was the edition of a puppy to our family two years ago. Once he arrived, Koda snapped into a good role model and showed the new addition-Tank the ropes. Even in his final days Koda showed that he's one strong canine in his battle with cancer. The doctor informed us in Koda's final veterinarian visit that he'd had the cancer for a year and a half and it had spread throughout his whole body. We never knew due to his will to stay alive for the ones he loved so much... his family. 

  Koda may be gone, but he'll always hold a spot in my heart.