Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art x 1

  In this unique piece of art I created, unlike the rest of my classmates, I had the opportunity to create this assignment all by myself. With having the freedom to go in any direction I wished, I had the full reigns to create my own vision. I decided to resemble in my art piece the constant struggles of the "stars" of the world. Struggles for these people include paparazzi, drugs, money, fame, the list is end less and the struggles are constant. In my art, the black represents all the listed above struggles which sometimes seems to swarm and suffocate the star struck figures we so highly praise. But, the figure in my work is still striving for all the glitz and the glamor that comes with fame. My figure is breaking through the chains holding them down and trying to soar above the badness surrounding them.

  Trough this experience I've learned many things about the "glamorous life" we all wish we had. One thing I learned was to be careful what you wish for. Like I stated above, even with fame comes struggles and it can engulf you and change you completely. Another thing I learned was don't judge a book by its cover. Someone may appear fine from the outside, but, on the inside they could be fighting a vicious internal battle. Most importantly, I learned never to let anything pull you down and to always strive for the good things in life

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